Submersible Control Panel for Pump Stations.

We are presenting our New Product a Submersible Panel for Pump Stations tested 8.4 feet of water(measured from panel legs on a 24 inches concrete slab) fully energized and functioning. This Submersible Panel is patented and UL Verified V420512 for No water ingress after 72 hours, 10 inches above Panel(24″slab + 67″enclosure + 10″UL requirement equal 101″ or 8.4ft). UL verification was recently upgraded to V986660 for No Water Ingress after 30 days, giving you more confidence when install this control panel. This is the perfect solution for flood prone areas. Although this panel is not intended to work indefinitely under water, it is designed to have a resilience to flood conditions. CCT has tested it more than ten times submerged more than two or three weeks at the time and with no water ingress. Seventeen of our customized enclosure have been installed at City of Coral Gables, FL where flooding can occur during major storms. Having the water pump control system working during the heavy rain fall is critical to minimize the flooding. Our application can keep the system dry and intact during the catastrophic situations. You can see how looks below in the following video.

Submersible Panel