CCT at Florida Water Resources Conference 2022.

A non-profit, educational and scientific organization, FWRC is a joint conference of the Florida Section American Water Works Association, the Florida Water Environment Association, and the Florida Water and Pollution Control Operators Association. The Florida Water Resources Conference is dedicated to preserving and enhancing Florida’s water environment.

CCT participated and introduced at Florida Water Resources Conference 2022, Daytona Beach April 25- April 27, 2022.

We presented our New Product a Submersible Panel for Pump Stations at 8 feet of water fully energized and functioning. This Submersible Panel is patented and UL Verified V420512 for No water ingress after 72 hours. All people there were very interested about this panel, since is the perfect solution for flood prone areas. Although this panel is not intended to work indefinitely under water, it is simple to demonstrate the resilience to flood conditions. CCT has tested it more than ten times submerged more than two or three weeks at the time and with no water ingress. You can see how looks below in our video and pictures, and you are welcome to visit us so you can see it in real time.