Custom Controls proudly supports the Buy American preference and jobs across the USA. We offer a wide range of compliant products and we’re ready to help you choose products that will make your project ARRA Buy American Compliant.

To secure a letter of product compliance under the Buy American Act, contact a CCT Representative. Custom Controls assures that you will receive a prompt response to your inquiry.
CCT and the ARRA Buy American Preference.

In February, 2009 President Obama signed into law The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The Act includes a provision requiring that projects receiving ARRA funding purchase American-made goods wherever possible. This preference for goods produced in the United States protects the American worker by saving and creating jobs. To learn more visit

A stimulative governmental preference for American-made goods is not new. At another economic low point, the Great Depression, the federal government did something very similar. In 1933, when profits had bottomed out and opportunities for economic growth were bleak, President Hoover and the U.S. Congress enacted the original Buy American Act (BAA). In fact, the original Buy American Act is still in force and the newly enacted law simply applies this Buy American preference to projects funded under the ARRA.