Phoenix Stacker

Since many papers upgraded their stackers in the 1990s, there now are a large number of US newspapers that are faced with having to replace their aging newspaper stackers. Unfortunately, this comes at a time where the economy makes capital improvement projects prohibitive. With that in mind, CCT started  to retrofit stacker in 2006 in an effort to provide the market with an alternative to buying new or used stackers.

Our Phoenix Stacker is developed by taking your aging stackers and rebuilding them from the ground up – providing a rebirth to your aging stackers that are costing more than they are worth on a yearly basis.

The Phoenix stackers begin by replacing all the bearings, belts, shocks, cylinders chains and painting the frames. We also replace the entire control system in order to keep the stacker from becoming obsolete in a very short period of time (see our Model CCT7002-B for a detailed list of items that are changed and rebuilt).

The Phoenix Stackers feature a state of the art Motion Control PC system, a brand new I/O system, a 12.5” color touch screen and new light curtains. A new Denex laser and power out feed rollers are also available as option.
Replacing an aging stacker in an existing position offers newspapers very little return on their investment. Merely refurbishing the mechanical components only forestalls the problem; mainly that the controls for these stackers rely on bespoke components that can only be obtained from a single source.

This is why our goal at CCT it to supply the newspaper industry with a long lasting, up to date, reliable, quality stacker from the remains of existing worn out units.

Detailed list for Model CCT7002-B