Option B – New Controls

The stacker is stripped to the frame. Frame and covers are painted. All parts are inspected and either replaced or cleaned before re-assembly.


  • Replace belts

  • Replace bearings

  • Rebuild cylinders

  • Paint


  • Remove major assemblies

  • Clean or replace polymer shielding

  • Paint all covers

  • Clean and paint


  • Replace air manifold, values, and regulators

  • Inspect air tubing

  • Replace muffler

Stacking Section

  • Replace gas springs

  • Replace frame bearings

  • Replace stacking chain

  • Clean and paint


  • Replace gas springs

  • Replace shock absorber

  • Rebuild cylinder

  •  Replace frame bearings

  •  Clean and paint


  • One year on all new or rebuild components.


  • Replace electrical panel.

  • Replace card cage with new industrial computer controls

  • New I/O rack

  • Replace screen with 12.5” touch screen

  • Rewire

  • Optional New Denex Laser

  • Optional Powered Out Feed Rollers

Phoenix Stacker Model CCT7002-B

Newspaper Stacker Video